Our Academy Partnership


L.G. Flint has developed a three-legged approach to our community partnerships. We prioritize supporting the arts and education to spark creativity, nurturing children’s development for a brighter future, and aiding the vulnerable in our community by providing resources to create a more compassionate society.

The Academy Center of the Arts exists to be the epicenter of arts, culture, and community building. L.G. Flint is proud to be an investing partner in the fabric of our community through The Academy.

The Arts & Education

Why L.G. Flint?


Founded locally after World War II, L.G. Flint proudly began building many of the homes in Fort Hill, Poplar Forest, Bedford Hills, and Boonsboro neighborhoods. Since our founding in 1951, L.G. Flint has built over 1,200 homes in Lynchburg and those homes proudly stand as a testament to what happens when a company is committed to doing things the right way.

L.G. Flint takes immense pride in consistently delivering superior value for construction and renovation clients across a broad spectrum of projects including both residential and commercial. We would be honored to welcome you to become a “customer for life” with a project for you or your company!